Join me on my goal to be financially free within 5 years.
The best time to start was five years ago,
and the next best time is today.
Join me on my goal to empower others to be financially free within 5 years. The best time to start was five years ago, and the next best time is today.


Alex Lam
Smart Investor and
Founder, Integricity Group

Hello everybody.

Thanks for stopping by to visit a website by a regular guy who aspires to help others acheive financial freedom. I'm not one of those "gurus" who takes photos with flashy cars and gets you to pay thousands of dollars for courses.

 I'm a family man with a super capable wife and two amazing kids. I now have time freedom to spend with them during their younger years.

 While I have a successful business providing technology solutions, it is an extremely active business. If all that stops tomorrow, I have financial security because of my diversified, passive income streams.

 As I learn, I want to also share. They say you learn better as you teach. Join me, watch some of my videos and let's grow together.

So, what are you selling?


My active job pays for my bills, wants and needs.

I have enough, but that's active income.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, my sister-in-law, shared how she had invested in international managed funds for over a year. Lina received consistent passive income and with the earnings, she bought an expensive bike from Germany. She only shared her investment story after making sure it worked for her first.

I was skeptical, just like most people. Oh, I am a huge skeptic, but I'm also an extremely analytical guy. I did my due diligence, dug up reports, correlated Lina's bank statements to the earnings and it stacked up. My wife and I have now invested and we have been getting very, very decent consistent returns.

Why am I telling you?

There's more than enough to go around and I love helping others achieve freedom of time and financial security.

Yes, I'm upfront about it - I may make some money from investments you make - but that's it. I'm not selling any financial advisory services, products or training courses.

Listen to a webinar I am running, find out more and only if you're keen, invest.


Intro to International  Managed Funds

I am just an average IT businessman, but am also an active investor. Part of what I love doing is sharing my story on how I started investing in offshore funds, managed by professional traders.

Though I am not a financial planner or advisor, this small shift in my investment strategy has changed my life and I'd love to help many others, regardless of whereever you may be around the globe.

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